Thursday, January 20, 2005

RC Core - CANoPIC and related

Well, I've got a few PIC's on order now. Some giant, some fast, some with USB. So, after I get back to the RC core and get all but the CANoPIC interface hammered out, my next step is to take an 18F2550 (or maybe the 4550, depends on how many I/O I want in the end), attach an SPI EEPROM and an SPI CAN Bus unit, and build a USB-CAN bridge/sniffer for developing and debugging my CANbus designs. Actually, I should probably look into SRAM just so I don't wear an EEPROM out. It's not like I'm searching for power-off persistant memory.

Of course, this means I need or order my ICD2 and hot air rework station soon.

Side note:
I've spent too much time plotting on the Silly scope, I need to get back to realistic projects that I can see real output from. Anyway, to build and debug the silly scope, I need an oscilloscope first. Let alone I don't think I'll be able to have a snowball's chance in hell of building it with double sided, or even a 4 layer board, especially if I throw on the DDR SDRAM DIMM slot. I'll attack it again later with concerns over external memory after I get a few surface mount PCB's designed and built. My ideas have taken it beyond a basic digital storage mixed signal scope to something that could be used for DSP, wireless base stations, radar, who knows. Just too much for someone who's still learning the basics and getting his feet under him.

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