Sunday, June 05, 2005

Parts to Buy for: Juicebox

Just for general imagery, you can't beat an LCD. Now, I've been planning on using a 9 bit (512 color) Sony TFT LCD for my large HUD in the future, and general purpose LCD now. In the last few days the hackability of the Juicebox has come out to mass media. Most people are focusing on hacking it to provide mobile video players. I'd love to myself, but I've always been a DIY guy and I wanted a different approach. Hence, I look at what's available. 8 MB RAM in the version I have. the 22 pin PCB molex board may be nice for some of my own I/O work. The processor is useless as it's a bare chip encased in epoxy. Now, the screeen... 240x160 12 bit (4096 color) LCD. Might be the same molex connector as my Sony LCD. I got my Juicebox for $12.48, which is less than the Sony LCD. Other than refresh rate, this is looking to be perfect for my projects. It might even interface with the Epson LCD driver that I've spec'ed out for the Sony!

Also included in this is a 22 pin LCD Molex connector (the other 22 pin board goes to the expansion slot) that might also work with the Sony. My source for the LCD's sells those for $3 each.