Monday, May 02, 2005

CANMOD - A CANbus module system

Well, after some deliberation, I've gotten a bit of a grasp on the basic boards needed for my designs. All boards have a CAN interface:

  • Zigbee and digital I/O
  • Generic I/O with breakouts for specific interfaces (parrallel, UART, SPI, R/C?, Analog input)
  • Brushed motor and R/C servos
  • Brushless motor
  • Audio I/O
  • Video Input/analysis
  • Video output/LCD
  • High computation module (if needed)

Now, serial bus connections will be available for the basics. Some will just be a single digital connection. Many will be on several inches of dongle bundle so they may be separated from the controllers.

  • I/R input
  • I/R output
  • IRDA transciever (UART)
  • Flash config module (I2C)
  • Button/slider input
  • Single event touch sensors
  • Accelerometer 3 axis?

These should allow me to build anything from small to midsize robots to high performance R/C vehicles (still need more range for aircraft, though) to Laser Tag systems

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