Friday, March 25, 2005

TAG2020 Evolution

I've been considering the TAG2020 system.

We're looking at major reuseable software components of:

  • IR TX
  • IR RX
  • LED muzzleflash
  • LED hit signaling
  • CANbus
  • 802.15.4

Uses of the above:

  • Hit tracking
  • Weapons fire
  • Intelligent weapon linking to user
  • Remote intrusion sensors
  • Squad Area Network

The 2020 weapon is being redefined. We're reconfiguring them into several major parts.

  • IR LED Transmitter: CAN equipped microcontroller that's dedicated to IR transmission
  • Gun controller: Most likely also the IR LED Transmitter, manages the CAN network, integrated 802.15.4 transciever for linking to the larger network. May have an LCD and buttons or headers for low cost triggers and readouts. May also have a hot-swappable "side ID" for games that use user removeable modules to allow changing of sides.
  • Trigger module: Each trigger module is CAN networked to the Gun controller on a common bus. This allows multiple weapons to use one transmitter. Weapon types may be ordered by priority. The trigger module may be used as a weapon type controller to allow modular reconfiguration on the fly.
  • Reload bay: CAN networked bay that controls ammo feed. Has optocoupled links to ammo clips as used.

2020 Hit Sensors will either have CAN or CAN and 802.15.4. They will use the same substrate, just varying in equipped parts to allow for mass production. Bus power may be provided to reduce battery numbers.

2020 intrusion sensors will share a standard 802.15.4 interface. This may be merged with the Hit Sensor board and have specific sensors (acceleration, tripwire, etc) added on via daughterboard connection. CAN may be provided as an alternate long range option (at 20kbps 1km range)

2020 Base packs will be made to communicate with 2020 LCD/UI units. The LCD/UI units will be mostly dumb, acting as a detached wired/wireless link to the Base pack. Standard Base pack options:

  • Player ID
  • Statistics tracking
  • 802.15.4 controller master
  • Hit sensor location tracking (for "realistic damage" games)
  • Automatic configuration
  • Basic hit detection (extra sensors not needed to play)
  • Expansion slots/headers (bussed?)

Basic game setup will be:

  • 1 gun (1x IR Transmitter, 1x Gun Module, 1x Trigger, 1x reload bay)
  • 1 Base pack (backpack, rear hit detection)
  • 1 LCD/UI module
  • 2 hit sensors (front torso hit detection), CAN interface.

Optional future Base pack modules:

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