Friday, May 20, 2005

CAN Module status update

Working on learning Eagle still to get the Zigbee-CAN module designed. Currently breadboarding a 4 DOF (2 accel, 2 gyro) IMU for camera stabilization and head tracking. I'll probably also throw in a CAN-USB adapter, too, so I can build a CAN network debugger/programmer for all my toys.

Found a few nice things over at the Electronic Goldmine website. They reminded me that I have a 2.7" diagonal Sony LCD (240x160, 512 color) that would make a good forray into HMD/monocle design for very little, if I can design a good driver for it (I see dsPICs in my future). Other than a 9 bit interface, it'd be a bit hard to control without 38400x9bit memory... so I think driving this with dual port RAM and a CPLD front end might be the best bet for me. We will see.

They also have a 16 grayscale 320x240 touchscreen that would be a good match for a forearm mounted control system.

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