Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Cleaning

I've never liked blogging, probably because I wanted a more free form state, and my mind bounces around a lot. So, I will be doing a bit more. I've recently wandered across some radar stuff, so I expect to do some wiki and blogging about this.

 So, this.... MIT Radar construction PDF

 Lead to those who were making integrated units (still too much for my costs right now). Then we wandered over to look at radar modules, such as this:

  A sample HB100 module (there's hundreds of suppliers) However, they're all single IF output doppler modules. However, the good people of the Ham radio group brings us this information:
  Using an HB100 as a radio transciever

 So, we get 3KHz per mV on the input for tuning. Across 1V that's 3MHz of bandwidth. Compared to the 2.4GHz bandwidth of 80MHz, based on the FMCW bandwidth numbers and the 20ms rate, I'd need to run a rate of 1.3 KHZ, 0.75ms to match. so, I'm thinking of making an interface shield/boosterpack/whatever to tie this to a microcontroller board. I need to look into the math more and see what my bit depth and sampling rate need to be, or if I can revert to a computer audio input. At least it won't break the bank.

 Back to work.  I need to update my profile.  Switched jobs three years ago.  Different industry, same projects.

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