Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ferret: Planning Detail

As requested and so not to confuse people, these are the plan drawings of the Ferret, Copyright Dream Pod 9. They have scale indicators to show what the original scale is on them.

So, now we have a visual reference. To engage the wheels, the unit sits down on the rear wheel and slides the feet forward to about 30 degrees from vertical. I'm working out the kinematics and sizing to match my servo size targets.


Mike said...

2 drive wheels and 2 smaller caster wheels by the "toes" then? should be nice and stable.

Looks kinda... Odd... but I think it is a very modelable design. Lots of room for servos in that bulky frame.

SOI Sentinel said...

Actually, one wide rear drive wheel, and heel caster wheels. Think trycycle.