Thursday, February 23, 2006


Sparkfun Electronics is a great site I've been poking around at for a long time. Just wish I could afford some of it.

Current wishlist that others might be interested in:
-Single transducer sonar unit with decent signal filtering onboard. Looks really nice.
-Various GPS units up the wazoo with lots of antenna options.
-Fully functional cell phone modules. Talk about tempting to build your own!
-Speaking of phones, they have a contest going on currently to figure out the hardware for their surplus, undocumented cameras from the Samsung E700.
-(I already have these) Affordable hot air rework and soldering stations. Quite useful
-accelerometers and gyros, ranging from single units to full IMU's. They are actually required to NOT sell the chips loose, but this is a decent way to get into the projects.
-Magnetic sensors for compass navigation.

I'm most interested in a small GPS module, a 3 axis mag sensor, and the sonar unit. That's about $170 worth of parts, so I'm afraid I have to hold off for a LONG while.

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